Welcome to DADARS (2016)

Welcome to the website of the Derby and District Amateur Radio Society (DADARS). The Society incorporates the ‘Derby Wireless Club’ which was established in 1911 and is one of the oldest radio clubs in the world.

Jim G3NAJ instructs A1706 on a repair of the Cheshire home transceiver at the “50 Years of Radio” exhibition in Derby Museum in 1961 using GB3ERD to celebrate 50 years of the Club.

DADARS operated from Duffield station - part of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

May 2014

Martin G3SZJ Presenting a talk on Colditz Castle

15th January 2013

2012 DADARS trade stand before play at Newark

It all looked neat and tidy before the public came

2011 DADARS centenary exhibition at Newark

Jenny G4EYM, Dave G1VAB and Chris G4AKE

2009 DADARS international museum weekend from the Silk Mill Derby

Dave G7GJI and Clive

2008 DADARS railways on the air from the West Shed near Derby

Operator Clive 2E1HVZ

DADARS Glebe farm Littleover, National field day station 1951

Gil G2OU operating his home made 10 watt transmitter

DADARS exhibition in 1951 at the Model engineers exhibition, Mechanics Institute

Jock G3EMJ operating

DADARS (Derby Wireless Club) station from 1921

Demonstrating a new radio.

DADARS (Derby Wireless Club) station from 1913

A night on the air

Membership of DADARS means automatic membership of ‘Derby Wireless Club'.

Tuesdays at 7.30pm at the United Reformed Church, Carlton Road, Derby, (DE23 6HE) sees us have our meetings and we welcome all visitors who may like an introduction to our hobby or wish to re-enter the hobby after a break.

The Society runs an organised programme that includes monthly Surplus Sales, lectures, nights on the air, video shows, technical topics and discussion evenings - we usually end the evening having a good chin-wag. The club operates HF and VHF stations on special event weekends and support a number of Amateur Radio activities such as Railways on the Air, Churches on the Air, National Mills weekend, Scout events and anything else that takes our fancy. Our aim is to further the interests of the membership and promote the hobby wherever possible. So, if you’re in the Derby area on a Tuesday evening, you’re welcome to pop in and say hello. No doubt the kettle will be on for either a tea or coffee. As the expression goes, ‘a stranger is a friend you’ve not met yet’, so come along and make new friends!

Dave, G1VAB (Chairman)

Club Activities (2016)

May 28th, 29th and 30th :Special Event Station over all three of these days is being put on by the Society at the Duffield Station of the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway.  Operators, station aerial riggers, loggers, people to talk to the Public are all required. So we know who is available when and for how long please e-mail Peter M0KEF or Dave G1VAB as soon as possible.  These Stations are good shop-windows for our Society and just having one or two people to operate three different bands, (probably 40m, 4m, and 2m), log, as well as engaging with visitors. Thank you!

June 12th :Our Society has a stand at the Junction 28 Rally (Alfreton Leisure Centre) and as usual people are required to assist with taking items up there for sale and to assist with running the stall.  Please don’t leave it for the usual few.  Please support this activity and let me know if you are available.  Thank you!

Dave, G1VAB (Chairman)

Club Activities 2016


10th.    Natter Night
17th.    Video Show
24th.    The Ionosphere - friend                 or foe' - technical talk

31st.     Night on the air



7th.      Surplus Sale

14th.    Committee Meeting

21st.    Video Show

28th.    Night on the Air 

July   5th.     Junk Sale
July  12th.    Natter Night

Meetings start on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm